Happy International Women's Day

Happy International Women's Day! Today, I am proud to be a woman in the engineering field because throughout my life I doubted my abilities.. questioned whether I was smart enough to be an engineer ... felt this constant anxiety because I felt that people chose not to listen to my solutions and opinions because I was a girl. BUT I have pushed through those doubts and will continue to do so as I continue my career in aerospace engineering and encourage women everywhere to do the same: Prove all the doubters wrong.

I would like to share an excerpt of Michelle Obama's speech today on CNN that struck a chord with me because I could relate to:
"Move beyond the "doubters"...There were some teachers that I ran into who doubted that a girl like me -- a black girl from the south side of Chicago -- should apply to Princeton or could get into Harvard. As I told those girls in Cambodia, our job is to push past those doubters and to find those caring adults that see the positive in us because they are out there. Because for all the people that told me I couldn't do it, I had parents who believed deeply in my ability to do whatever I wanted to do. I'm passionate about this because I truly see myself in these girls -- in their hunger, in their burning determination to rise above their circumstances and reach for something more. And I know that many of you do, too."  - CNN
Here is a picture of my coworkers and I celebrating Engineer's Week. To me International Women's Day is not only about being a woman, but it is about struggle and overcoming adversities beyond our control whether that may be a result of being a woman, a minority, coming from a low income household, or not being listened to because you are considered "too young' to know anything. Diversity is what makes great teams and I am glad that I am working alongside people of different races, minorities, sexes, ages, and backgrounds.

No matter where or what you are...be BRAVE, take chances, make mistakes... these are the keys to success. And with that I leave you with an inspirational TED talk:


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