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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Pictures from the Wedding

Just wanted to share a couple pictures from the wedding! I wish I was able to take more pictures but there was a bit of an emergency and I didn't have as much time as I thought to decorate. Keeping in mind it was like 100 degrees F, I think we did a pretty good job decorating. Being a wedding decorator is a lot of work and it gave me deep appreciation for what they do.  

carnatons, trader joe's, flowers

costco, flowers, baby's breath
 welcome, sign, diy, decor, wedding, welcome sign

diy, wedding, decor, welcome table, welcome, table

sheperd's hooks, hook, sheperd, baby, breath, baby's breath, mason jar, mason, jar

sign, letters, diy, decoration, decor, wedding

flowers, carnations, wine, bottles, beer, diy, decor, wedding

Monday, June 19, 2017

Wedding Decorations: Decorative Letters DIY

 It's June! This means the wedding is almost here and I have completed most of what I need for decorations. Something I really enjoyed decorating/DIYing was the decorative letters for the welcome table.

monogram, flowers, moss, cardboard, wedding, decor

The base letters were made out of all the extra cardboard we had when we bought new furniture.

monogram, flowers, moss, cardboard, wedding, decor

monogram, flowers, moss, cardboard, wedding, decor

After cutting out all the letters I needed, I used a glue gun to create "sides" to the letters.

monogram, flowers, moss, cardboard, wedding, decor

monogram, flowers, moss, cardboard, wedding, decor

 I felt it look unfinished in just cardboard. So for some reason I thought paper mache-ing would help. I used 1 part flour to 1 part water to create the glue and for the paper I used old newspapers.

monogram, flowers, moss, cardboard, wedding, decor

Then after I finished the paper  mache-ing and letting it dry, I spray painted it rose gold. To be honest, I didn't like how it looked... it still had this bumpy texture and I felt it would make the wedding look cheap. I thought I would end up having to buy the letters instead...but a month later I was inspired by something I saw online.

monogram, flowers, moss, cardboard, wedding, decor

I decided to buy moss and some fake flowers at Daiso (a Japanese $1.50 store). These extra decorations would cost me around $5.

monogram, flowers, moss, cardboard, wedding, decor

I just used the moss to cover up the bumpy texture on the front of the letters. I used good old fashioned Elmer's glue for the moss.

monogram, flowers, moss, cardboard, wedding, decor

monogram, flowers, moss, cardboard, wedding, decor, daiso

After I finished gluing the moss and cutting the flowers, I started glueing them on using a glue gun.

monogram, flowers, moss, cardboard, wedding, decor

monogram, flowers, moss, cardboard, wedding, decor

monogram, flowers, moss, cardboard, wedding, decor

monogram, flowers, moss, cardboard, wedding, decor

Once I finished gluing on the flowers, I realized I needed some type of board to place the letters on. I ended up using the back of a picture frame; the picture frame broke a while back. So I was glad I was able to recycle materials. I decided to glue moss onto the base.

monogram, flowers, moss, cardboard, wedding, decor

Once I finished gluing on the moss to the base, I glued the letters onto the board using a glue gun.

monogram, flowers, moss, cardboard, wedding, decor

I think this project came out pretty good and it only cost me around $10 dollars to make!!



Sunday, April 30, 2017

Refurbished Chair Using Chalk Paint

This first time I heard about chalk paint is when I was taking a walking break to the liquor store near work. I stopped by this cute looking shop and asked them what they sold here; we only sell Annie Sloan's chalk paint. I was so intrigued... how could you survive on just selling chalk paint? It must be SO GOOD. I thought chalk paint was the same as chalkboard paint, which I was informed was incorrect. Apparently chalk paint is popular because there is no need for sanding or priming a material before painting- usually those steps are required for paint to stick. After leaving the store, I was very intrigued by the idea of using chalk paint for these wooden chairs I have at home.

Chair, Wood, Refurbish

My first idea was to use chalk paint for the white parts and then sand the wood colored area to restain it. Welp after much wasted time... I realized 1. Sanding isn't fun 2. I'm not good at staining (took me 2 tries to learn that). Below is a picture of the chalk paint for the white part of the chair and my bad staining job. 

sanded, stained, chair, chalk, paint


So I gave up with my staining job and decided to paint over it. 

Chalk paint, martha stewart, vintage, paint

Then I realized it looked too boring, so I went with another color and I love how the end result turned out. Now, even though you don't need to prime.. I do recommend you use a wax after. It creates a smooth instead of chalky finish and protects the paint.

martha,stewart, chalk, vintage, decor, paint, artminds, smoked peark, smoke

martha, stewart, artminds, smoke, smoked pearl, paint, chalk, vintage, decor

I used Martha Stewart Vntage Decor Paint in Smoke and Vintage Decor Clear Wax as well as Art Minds Chalk Paint in Smoked Pearl. It was pretty simple to use; apply 1-2 coats of chalk paint and let it dry for the appropriate amount of time; followed by 1-2 coats of wax. An 8 fl oz of Martha Stewart Paint goes for $10.99 at Michaels- don't forget to use those coupons! I believe an 8 fl oz ArtMinds Chalk Paint was around $6.99.



Monday, April 24, 2017

Tips for De-labeling Glass Bottles

My cousin asked me decorate his wedding on a budget of $500. At the time I thought it was a lot of money, but after researching ideas and pricing I quickly realized how little $500 gets you for a wedding. One of my ideas was to use recylcled beer and wine bottles- the reasoning being that they have small openings and would require very little flowers for each bottle and because I could recycle some of the ones I already have. So I started to get to work and I soon discovered how labor intensive this actual is. 

Here are the lessons I learned from delabeling bottles:

1. SOAK SOAK SOAK! And not just for 30 minutes... at least a day or more. You can add soap to your water or whatever trick you have up your sleeve, but just make sure it sits in water for a while.

2. Some bottles will be easy to delabel than others. The easiest bottle for me to delabel is Stella Artois followed by New Belgium. My boyfriend said Guinness is actually very easy as well but we don't really drink that at home. I found Stone and Green Flash particularly difficult to remove. 

3. What to do with the left over glue on the bottles? Get a rag put some oil on it and a little baking powder on the bottle and scrub away. Rinse the bottles after with dishwashing soap, like Palmolive, to remove any leftover oil residue. 

I was able to delabel about 24 beer bottles and 3 wine bottles. I need about 100 beer bottles and 20 wine bottles. I decided that I may possibly buy the rest of the beer bottles from a home brew store. I can get a case (24 bottles) for about $13.95. I will still use the ones I de-labeled because I think they have a little more character than the ones sold at the home brew store.

Beer, bottles, new belgium, delabel, stella, artois

Sunday, April 16, 2017

New Painting

I've been creating a lot since I've moved into my new place. So many empty walls and spaces makes me want to fill them. I created this painting on a canvas and using a mix of acrylic and spray paint. The base is grey and gold acrylic paint and it was spray painted over with rose gold spray paint; it felt like it was missing something.. and I got very frustrated. I didn't know what to do.. so I grabbed a bottle of black paint and squeezed it out in no systemic way whatsoever.  I wonder if abstract/modern artists, like Pollock, felt the way I felt when painting this- was he frustrated during most of his paintings? or was his paintings systematic? Anyways, every time I look at this painting it makes me laugh because I just replay how I felt at the moment of creating it... and it was not systematic in any way shape or form- but somehow, it didn't turn out too bad.

DIY, painting, modern, art

Saturday, April 15, 2017

DIY Kinda Fail - Do Your Research

If you have been following my blog, you are use to seeing my DIY posts..but this is a different type of DIY post because this is a DIY fail post. Let's start from the very beginning. I wanted to paint over this pot my parents gave me.

glazed pot, plant, plants

The first word that comes to mind when I see this pot is... Easter and there is nothing wrong with Easter, but I wanted a pot that didn't seem so seasonal. I was at Michael's debating for maybe an hour on what type of paint to get... mainly between some chalk paint and these Art Minds outdoor paints that I got in the end. I think what deterred me from getting the chalk paint was that it said for indoor use only. Then I was thinking that I definitely need this outdoor one! Welp, I made a wrong choice. Chalk paint doesn't need the surfaces to be sanded or primed... and for some reason I thought it would work exactly like chalk paint except it was also suitable for the outdoors. I came to this conclusion because they were right next to the chalk paint. Never assume peoples!

Art, Minds, Outdoor, Paint

So this is me putting on a coat of the black outdoor paint. So far so good... except to my dismay.. it is really shiny. I think it is because of the glaze from the pot.

Glazed, Pot, DIY, Paint

Then I got this great idea that I would layer it with chalk paint.. cause I wanted a matte look.... and that's when the paint started peeling off. I started panicking... rubbed whatever I could off the pot and repainted it with the ArtMind's paint and decorated it how I wanted to. And it looks great in the picture, but to be honest it looks like a not so great job upclose... which makes me sad. So the lessons learned is... do your research when you want to do a DIY project and never assume. I am glad that people don't inspect plant pots upclose or they would see all its flaws! 

DiY, Plant, Pot, Paint

Also, it makes me wonder how many DIY bloggers post about their failures and shortcomings on certain projects because usually you'll see these beautiful DIY projects and how it seemed so effortless. So based on this reflection, I am going to talk more about the pitfalls and failures from my own DIY projects so others can learn from my mistakes!


Saturday, April 8, 2017

New Beginnings

raspberry, ricotta, cake, flowers, bon, appetitraspberry, ricotta, cake, bon appetit, bon, appetit