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Bell Pepper Plant

I planted a bell pepper plant over 3 years ago and I was able to get it to grow some leaves but nothing beyond that... that is, until this year! This year, I noticed it grew some flowers and like the idiot I am... I pinched them off right away (I read somewhere at some point when a plant is growing flowers you should pinch them off so the plant won't taste bitter. I didn't realize til later.. that you need the flowers so that your plant can pollinate and produce fruits... and whatever I read was for herbs). After a few months, I gave up hope that flowers would come back for my plant, but sure enough they did!

I used a self pollination technique that I read about online.

Here is a video of me trying to self pollinate for the first time. I was definitely nerding out!

I'll need to update you if all of this actually works and I get some bell peppers! (I know it's not in season technically... but we live in Southern California.. so anything goes!)

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