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How To File an Extended Warranty Claim through Chase and What to Expect from this Process.

I've been dealing with a lot of "adult" things this past month - oil changes, air filter replacements, car battery replacements, taxes, amending taxes, and lastly, my phone dying on me. There were many days this month where my face looked like the picture below. BUT it is nothing I can't handle, but i'm glad that they are finally being crossed off my list of things to get done!!!
Late last month, I started to notice that my Pixel phone that I purchased through Google circa 2016 in order to use Project Fi was having issues; when I wanted to switch from Bluetooth to my phone I could no longer communicate with the person on the other end - which was never an issue before. Then, I would make phone calls from my phone and the person on the other end couldn't hear me but I could hear them. So I called Google support; the first time they told me it was a WiFi issue and I had a weak connection. Yet, the problem persisted. I called again and they told me it was third…

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