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How to Upgrade your Space for Under $75

I've moved into my new place for over 5 months and our place just looks like I just moved in. When my boyfriend went away on a work trip, I decided I needed to update the space. I am cheap and so I didn't want to spend a lot of money. I chose our bedroom to update - I chose a space that we spend a lot of time in and felt I could do a couple changes for cheap.

This is what the space looked like before in our bedroom (see below). My friend and my boyfriend use to live together.. and this use to be my friend's room... and I have no idea what he was thinking. First, the rod is TOO short for the window... and he was cheap and only bought one panel. Yeah, friend.. if you ever read my blog... I called you cheap! And so this window has been looking pretty sad for a while (and if you haven't looked yet, see below for evidence of its sadness). 

The only changes I made to this space since I moved in was add those 3 little organizers to the right of the window and spray painted t…

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