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Garden Updates

After coming back from a trip to NYC, I was greeting by a bell pepper growing on my front porch! Even though it was very exciting to come home to a bell pepper growing after a successful self pollination.... it has been a couple weeks and it hasn't grown any bigger. 

My daikon radish has been growing pretty successfully for a while. I decided to pull them out this past weekend to pickle them. I felt pretty proud of myself for growing this one. All of these plants I have been planting from seed and so it is pretty satisfying seeing them grow. 

 Look at my beautiful babies!!

My boyfriend and I decided to pickle a combo of carrots, daikon and jalapenos in a mix of rice vinegar, sugar, and water. We decided to taste the daikon before we pickle it... and to my disappointment they very bitter. There is a trick to removing the bitterness from a daikon that I just learned about; it involves washing the daikon in salt water 2-3 times and then washing it off with water.

Hopefully the radis…

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