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Monday, October 31, 2011

Tart Infinity Dress

So I know a lot of people are on my site about RAVON dresses, but how about an alternative... TART inifinity dresses:

There are many ways to wear this dress:

They are currently on sale at GiltGroupe for $99 (originally $258). According to Gilt, there are 8 ways to wear it...that is basically ~$13 per look!! I've seen the longer ones being worn as a bridesmaid dress, which is a great idea!


  1. I love these dresses! I was thinking of having them be my bridesmaid dresses :)

  2. waoov I love that dress, it is stunning!

  3. creative hand made.....more information...let take friendship..thank you

  4. Oh! Those look like Henkaa dresses!! They have full-length dresses that work for all my work/fam/hubby's work/hubby's fam holiday parties!!

    They're at affordable prices - $128 and $158.

    Their website is and I'm waiting for their new Spring colours too!! I've got too many weddings to attend.

  5. just got a short one and a long one on for 49.99 each!!!!