A L L I S O N   Y O U N G

 I started this blog back in 2010 during my graduate studies in Structural Engineering at UCSD. I wanted to have a way to express and share my creativity that went beyond the subject of engineering. I was also intrigued by the world of blogging and observing the progression of how bloggers started out using their blog as an escape from their 9-5 career and were able to transform blogging into a career. I feel like there is something very inspiring in that.

This blog is a history of my random thoughts and creative projects dealing with fashion, DIY projects, cooking, travels, music and just anything that I find fascinating. I believe this also can be a platform for me to give advice to viewers, if asked, on anything created on this site...from the blog format (which has been quite the learning process itself) to any projects, recipes, etc. 

I temporarily stopped blogging after I was hired to work at an engineering company back in 2012. I realized that something was missing during that period and it was because I was no longer creating and sharing ideas. This is my attempt to find my creative outlet again...and hopefully, not lose it!

If you have questions, feel free to contact me at:

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