DIY: el elefante

Sometimes during my lunch breaks I like to stroll around IKEA. On one of my trips, I became enamored with these art cards:


I wanted to make a card for someone, so I decided to use the IKEA art cards as inspiration for this project.

A couple of years ago, I was at Target and bought some scrapbooking paper...even though I don't scrapbook I bought them because 1) it was $1 2) i loved the prints on the paper. And I have finally put it to good use!

I made my own stencil for el elefante and cut away! Also, this card could serve as a double purpose: 1) a card (obviously) 2) if you buy a frame, you can frame it and it can decorate the walls/desk of your cubicle, office, or room! If you are drawing impaired and want to make el elefante for yourself, shoot me an email at and i'll send you the stencil I made!


  1. very creative! i would never have thought to come up with my own stencils

  2. What a cute card, I would definitely like to receive one of those!

    Robbie xox

  3. I love this post, the elefants are so cute!!

  4. That's really creative, what a great idea! :0)


  5. Thanks for el elefant card! It's framed and on my desk.

    Love u, chica!


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