Little Tokyo - Downtown LA Adventure

I've randomnly been getting into yelping. Maybe it is because I've been sitting around for months waiting for my visa to Spain... or because I've come to a certain realization that since I spend so much time on Yelp stalking restaurants and trying to find food and places to become obsessed with... why not add my own opinion to it all?

On Wednesday, I took the subway and ventured out to Little Tokyo.

There were 4 main stops:

1. Mikawaya - For the ice cream mochis and mochilatos.
2. Mitsuru Cafe  - For the Imagawayakis.
3. Daikokuya - For their Ramen.
4. Fugetsu-Do - For their strawberry-peanut butter filled mochis.

Mikawaya - ($1-1.25 ea) Still delicious as always... I like how they taste so fresh and aren't too sweet. So far I have tried pistachio, almond and creme brulee. They are all delicious and such a special treat to have whenever you are in Little Tokyo.

Mitsuri Cafe - ($1.25 ea) I was so excited to try the Imagawayakis since they got great reviews on Yelp. But I was a little disappointed... the red bean paste was a little too sweet for me. It wasn't horrible... but it definitely wasn't amazing enough for me to keep on coming back.

Daikokuya - This place was reviewed by over 2,000 people with an average of 4/5 stars on Yelp. I was a little disappointed after trying this place and realized that I like Santouka Ramen way better! I am so surprised that people wait hours to eat here. The food was not horrible...but is it worth waiting an hour for? Not in my opinion. I felt that the ramen lacked something in its broth to make it that special something. But you definitely get what you pay for, the portions are humungous!

Fugetsu-Do - ($4 for 8) Apparently they are the oldest mochi shop in LA. I've heard some great reviews about their mochi filled with peanut butter and had to buy some. They are definitely unique and something I haven't tried before. I regret not getting the chocolate one and will come back for them!

Overall, it was a great adventure. I love taking the subway in L.A. because I never have to worry about parking and you get to discover places like these!


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