My Favorite DIY Projects.

Since I am still excited about this LA craft fair on the weekend and am on a DIY high... I decided that I would like to share with you my favorite DIY projects from two of my favorite DIY bloggers.

                                                     1. cut out shoulder shirt | a pair and a spare
                                                     2. wrap mini dress | a pair and a spare
                                                     3. envelope clutch | swellmayde
                                                     4. rope bracelet | swellmayde

These projects will get you looking chic without putting a dent in your wallet! Be sure to check out their blogs... these girls have such innovative ideas!


  1. Thank you for posting these!! Love them :)

  2. Love these!

    Makes me wish I was handier than I am!

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    fly over and visit me at

  3. In love with a clutch from Swellmayde :)


  4. wow this is a cool roundup!! those really are some great diys!


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