My Crazy DIY Ideas and What They End Up Really Looking Like....

So as you know, as of lately I have been very inspired to go bead crazy on some clothing items I own. So I chose a dress.. this one in particular:

It is a great dress in person, the bottom is two-tiered and flows beautifully. But when you look at in pictures, it looks super boring... borderline depressing. So I decided this is the dress that will be subjected to my awesome ideas.  Then I came up with designs to get an idea of what type of beads I was looking for and how much I would need. So here are those pictures:

I thought to myself, not amazing... but enough for me to decide what beads I will be getting and how much. So then I went off to Joann Fabrics (did you know they take Michael's coupons?!? amazing!!). Then I gathered all my fabulous tools:

Tools Included:  Black thread, sewing needle, beads

After all my tools were gathered, it was time to bead away. So I was a little confused where I should start since I didn't settle on a design, so I decided to work on the border of the neck.

So after hours of conclusion: I was I-N-S-A-N-E to even sketch the above designs. It took me three hours to accomplish the neckline beadwork above... with the rate I was going it would take me a couple months to accomplish my crazy designs. So I decided after finishing the border on top I would bead the bottom two tiers... one layer. Final Decision. Forget going Jenny Packham crazy. I will leave that to the experts.

So here is the final results of my beadwork extravaganza: 

Ok, so it definitely is no Jenny Packham. But I love it.. the sparkles don't take away from the simplicity and  flowiness of the dress. And the little extra sparkle makes it appear not so boring in pictures!


  1. Oh wow! That looks so great! I'm not sure I could sit still long enough to bead!

  2. Such a creative idea! I would love to try it. xx

  3. o wow! that was a gr8 transformation! good job!!!

  4. Thanks ladies! Before I even started.. my goal was to bead two dresses, but I think I am going to take a break from beading clothes. Seriously, I have great admiration for people who bead clothing for a living!

  5. What you did is awesome...that's creativity!

  6. Lovely transformation :) Ive been wanting to embellish boring garments of mine for a while.. You've definately inspired me ;)


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