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Monday, October 24, 2011

So I had a lovely weekend. Friday, I had dinner with friends I've known since kindergarten at Aroma Coffee & Tea. I love their bread pudding! Apparently, my friend spotted Elle Fanning on her way out. I, as usual, did not see her because I am oblivious to everything around me.

Saturday, I went to Disneyland to eat a fancy dinner at their secret restaurant called C33. I only grabbed 5 of these after dinner mints... I'm down to 2 and I'm getting a little sad that I won't have any more.

 Even though we arrived at 3pm, we stayed til way past the park's closing time. The next day I woke up with very tired feet. So it got me thinking about a pair of comfy shoes. And I saw these on Refinery29's site:

These are the first pair of slipper flats that I've seen and actually liked. Too bad they are $325! Maybe I can find a cheaper pair of plain black ones and do some do-it-yourself magic on them. Basically, the key word here is that they are slippers... and I am sure they would feel super nice on my feet after a long day of walking!


  1. 325 bucks for slippers.
    I'm sure your back up plan is much better.
    You can find those under that price anywhere!
    Just keep on searching.