I have become intrigued by this idea of stacking accessories. So I decided to test some out (as well as my temporary camera and editing on Picasa).

In these pictures, you will find 2 leather bands that I got in Florence, gold bangles, a gold charm bracelet, the feather/leaf bracelet I made from polymer clay, a gold watch, a black beaded gold necklace, and a paper rolled bracelet made by Ugandan women.

Stacking is not anything new or some innovative idea that nobody has thought of before. But I definitely like the idea of combining different types of accessories... such as the unlikely pairing of an expensive item next to a not so expensive one. BUT the best part of stacking is being able to include an accessory that holds some type of memory or an interesting fact about it.


  1. OH my god the feather bracelet is amazing!
    and so is your blog! Following!
    Have a great day!

    Hana :)

  2. i like the idea of stacking! especially watches for some reason..


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