All My Bells Are Ringing

Lenka - All My Bells Are Ringing

Hope everyone had a good Turkey weekend! I am just way too excited for December... I already have a Christmas present wrapped and ready to go!

I bought this wrapping paper last year from IKEA and I love the pattern on it! I used gold jewelry wire and wrapped it up with a Christmas color-themed bow... I really like how the gold looks against the wrapping paper. The card was made out of an index card. All of these items were just laying around my apartment... I wonder what I shall find to decorate my next Christmas present.

While I come up with more projects and wait for materials to be shipped to me. I came up with a list of some great holiday themed DIY projects that I found.

1. Painter's Tape Christmas Tree w/ Gifts - Great idea if you are strapped for cash or just too lazy to buy and decorate a tree. I suggested this to my friend, who has no furniture in her living room and doesn't plan on buying any soon..(please do this, then we can make painter's tape furniture as well).

2. Post-it Note Christmas Tree - An equally great idea as the painter's tape Christmas Tree.

3. Tree branch w/ Christmas Ornaments - Great center piece for a dining table or maybe over your mantel?

4. A Snowflaked Window Pane w/ Christmas Lights - This is just too pretty!

5. Tree with Thai Lights - Love this!!! Great alternative to a Christmas Tree and you can keep it up all year round! Can't find your own Thai Lights? Maybe make your own and put in your own lights?

6. Wreath Wrapped in Yarn - Great alternative to the traditional wreath! I am assuming they used styro foam in the form of a wreath shape and wrapped it with different colored yarn.

7. DIY Ornaments - Make your own ornaments out of balloons, string and glue! I actually did this project in the 6th grade and am thinking of doing it this year. Definitely, check out this link because there are a lot of examples!

8. Chocolate Chip Bread in a Bottle - My friend did this as a way to fundraise but the mix was for white chocolate chip and cranberry cookies instead of chocolate chip bread. They were super delicious!! This is a great gift idea! You can probably put this in a gift basket with some other baking supplies.

So many things to do! I want to buy a baby Christmas tree and decorate it, finish all my DIY projects that I have thought up in my head, buy Christmas gifts, and keep on applying for jobs!  Also, thank-you for making me one of the featured bloggers/Editor's pick of the day! I certainly appreciate it and thank-you all for stopping by!


  1. I love the chocolate chip bread idea :D

  2. I will check out all the DIY ideas :). I love the wrapping paper you used to wrap that first christmas present in :)!


  3. I love that wrapping paper! I can't believe you already have a gift wrapped and ready to go. You are really on the ball!

  4. The Christmas lights in bed is such a great idea!!

  5. I love the post-it Christmas tree haha, hope you have a great holiday season lovely!

  6. I love the Christmas wreath, the yarn gives it a vintage feel.

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  8. wow I loveeee the hanging tree branch centerpiece! gorgeous!

  9. I keep coming across so many great holiday ideas that I will never have the time to do... I hope you do some and show us so I can live vicariously though you!

  10. great christmas inspirations! i adore diy's! your gift wrapping and tag are perfect and i'm really loving that chocolate chip bread in a bottle. so creative!

    love kelly

  11. Brilliant effort on ur part! that index card and nicely done! <3 LOVE IT!
    thks for ur comments too....:)))

  12. That tape idea (1) is great for a person with a teeny tiny apt. like myself! Great idea!


  13. Love this idea, thanks for sharing!

  14. Wow! Thanks for the ideas. I too love wrapping gifts in elaborate ways. Those gift tags are so cute. I would love some similar ones. I am on the search for thick ribbons to adorn my gifts.


  15. Cool DIY projects... Thinking of trying to do the balloon ornament thing...


  16. Nice thing you have done. I like your blog. Carry on.

  17. the bedroom with the christmas lights and the snowflake cutouts is so CUTE, sighhh i would love to sleep under there :D

  18. all comments came from women.. hehe ... i maybe the 1st male to comment.. very nice... ill visit again.. :) keep it up

  19. thanks for your answer on my blog! I'm very happy!! I follow you ... I hope you do the same! XDDD
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    Facebook Page
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  20. Thanks for all your lovely comments! I will try to do one of these Christmas DIY projects.

    @Tetaron: Thank-you for being one of the few male commenters on my blog! Haha...

  21. I love ur blog! follow each other?

  22. Love this post, interesting


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