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So my friend is planning to move into her very own home next weekend and she was asking me to send her some on ideas on how to decorate her place. Of course, I got too carried away. I started emailing her too many links and I decided I needed to stop. Instead, I decided to collage my ideas (I know, I like making too many collages). So here are my favorites:

1. Apartment Therapy - I so enjoy the color gray and I like how they used pillows to bring a touch of color to the room. Great idea for someone who isn't fond of a lot of color!
2. Covet du Jour - Love the colors and how major pieces (i.e. couch, walls, floor) are pretty much neutral  while the pieces that give this room pizazz are its accessories (i.e. pillows, vase with flowers, lamp, and curtains).
3. Cupcakes and Cashmere - Such a great idea for a side table. Not something I would necessarily have in my bedroom because I like to have sliding drawers.. but great for a living room, hallway, or guest room!
4. Unknown Source - I wish I could have made this picture larger because there are 2 screens in the back that have an amazing pattern on them. I am usually not a fan of animal prints, but they used a zebra print rug and it isn't the least bit overwhelming to me!
5. House to Home - Loving the colors..it has yellow pieces but just the right amount. All the accessories are simple and understated. A rug is a great way to get rid of that feeling that there is something missing in your decor and definitely a great way to add a touch of color.
6. Unknown Source - I heart this ottoman.
7. Unknown Blog - One of my all time favorite living rooms. I love the walls and all the decor!

Now I definitely don't have my own space to decorate. But when I do, these are the following not so expensive DIY  home projects I would like to do:

1. Making my own cherry blossom tree.

2. Putting  my necklaces in a pretty frame. Not only is it a great piece of decor, but it is also a great place to put my jewelry!

3. Using pretty fabric to make my own pillows and art work to add a bit of color to my space.

4. Painting mismatched frames in a pretty color to bring cohesiveness and a splash of color.


  1. very inspiring post :) I love Emily's side table idea :)


  2. Such a great post. It is spring in this part of the world so I think I'll make one of those blossoming branches.

  3. What a beautiful inspiration!


  4. Thanks for these great ideas. I'm going to go DIYing now :)


  5. Wow! Great inspiration :) I love it :)

  6. Really love the fabric as art idea.. Greta post! xx

  7. Amazing inspiration! There are so many things I want to do to my apartment, really need more free time to get it all done!! xx

  8. I love this post!! Great ideas... I just moved, so always looking for fun ideas that are unique and different.

    xo everything-pretty.com

  9. Thanks for the lovely comments!

    @Grace: Don't you wish you could just DIY 24/7?!?

  10. Wow, I love all all of these ideas! I can't get enough of DIY projects!! I love your blog and am looking forward to following it! I'd love for you to let me know what you think of my blog and follow it! :)



  11. so much inspiration found in this post - thank you!

  12. These are such great ideas! I want to redecorate my apartment and incorporate some more bright colors and prints!


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