Nektar de Stagni

I came across these Nektar de Stagni necklaces and thought I would put it on my DIY inspiration list. The price tag for each necklace is quite expensive, so if I can find an affordable way to get something similar...why not?! Can't wait to start working on some of things on my DIY list. Although, I still have 5 job applications to complete. Hopefully, I can get it done by tomorrow so I can work on some of my projects!


  1. Wow this is pretty... I can't wait to see your DIY! What else is on your list? I need an inspiration so badly!


  2. Haha. I want to finish beading one of my dresses, make my own leather clutch, fix one of my bags, make my own detachable collar, and one of these necklaces! Hopefully, I get to do one of these this week!


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