UGG Australia Design for a Cause

I finally submitted my design for the UGG Australia Design for a Cause.

For some reason I found it a bit challenging but in the end, I opted for something simple and not too over the top because that way it can be worn with almost anything. I was inspired by a chevron pattern and it is probably due to this post and this.

Come support me here! Although voting opens December 27th, you can click on the support button and it will send you a reminder on the 27th to vote! But if you think my design is just too horrendous, be sure to check out other submissions and vote for the ones you do like!

P.S. I randomnly now have an Absurdly Peculiar FB account. So if you want to friend me and be updated on new posts, just click on the Facebook widget to your bottom right.


  1. I checked your blog and I like it!!!
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    have a wonderful day!

  2. i like your blog!! :D nice photos!
    I just started a blog with my girlfriend
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  3. I'm not the biggest fan of uggs, but Its really cool you are doing it for a cause! I hope you win!

    <3 zoe

  4. Cute post!

    Happy Holidays!


    Linda from

  5. Cute design! Good luck and happy holidays!

    Xo Chelle

  6. I love these actually! They are very Bob Marley!


    Erin @

  7. Great post.
    Happy New year!

  8. Such a gooood design. I absolutely love it dear. Super neat.

  9. Good luck hun!

  10. I think It is a awesome post. can I get some more information to???


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