Jason Wu for Target: An Orderly Mob Experience.

So I ended up going to Target at 8am on a Sunday just so I could "look" at the Jason Wu collection. The only thing is... there is no such thing as "just looking" when the doors open. You basically see a bunch of ladies speed walking to the collection and just taking things from the rack. So of course, you join into this orderly mob like mentality and just start taking things off the rack as well. You don't really think, hmmm... would I wear this? Nope, there is no time. So instead of just looking, I ended up taking home a couple pieces (this does not include the items I ordered online because they were not sold in the stores) that were never on my list of things to get.

Then a couple hours later... guilt sets in. Seriously, what have I done? This is the point where you really think about how much you spent and I seriously blame it on the orderly mob.  I decided I am only keeping 2 things and the rest needs to make its way back to Target. I need to promise myself I will not end up at Target again on the day that a designer collaboration is debuting.

Kaiser Chiefs - I Predict a Riot


  1. I wish we had stuff like this in Perth! I love the prints and colours

  2. Love your blog!Following!
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  3. Awww Allison,

    I blame the mob too they make other rush in a panic and buy things that you wouldn't buy I am glad you had self controlled and returned It. Good for you I am glad that you did keep two things that you are fond of.

  4. beautiful items!
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  5. so many nice things! :D

  6. Lovely cloths!

    Kisses Anne

  7. Haha, I do the same thing... If I see a bunch of people wanting something I just kind of join in and lose all sense of money/time. Glad to hear you're only keeping what you love :)

  8. haha.. your post title made me laugh!

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  10. Wow! Plenty of nice outfit.

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  11. I ordered online (no mob:))- but a lot of the items were only available in store. I got a great tote -- and I hear more will be stocked later this week! -dw


  12. a lot of his stuff looks really cute, i wanted to make it into target to check everything out. i feel like a lot of the stuff is overhyped now because of the whole missoni thing. i still think you got some cute stuff though! follow each other? xx sylvie

  13. oh i've been there, except the labels read missoni!


  14. I totally understand the guilt- that happens to me all the time when I clean out my closet and find clothes with the tags on them still. Hope you kept the navy and white polka dot top-- that one is too cute!

  15. At the risk of sounding controversial, I don't buy any designer lines made for Target. Buying a designer piece is both an investment in quality and treating yourself with luxury. To think that you are buying an item that is mass-produced and cheap just because it has a designer label makes the illusion and the dream collapse. You might as well embroider a designer's logo on a small piece of satin and sew it to any garment. I find buying the label just for the label (and risking to loose an eye during the brawl/riot) is obsolete. On the other side, if there is something you truly like and need in your closet, then definitely go for it.

    Mademoiselle Sonushka


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