New Year, New Goals.

After getting hired and moving to a different city, I realized how much I missed my severely neglected blog. When the New Year started... I asked myself why I wasn't writing in here as much as I use to. Sure, I got a new job, but why did I stop? I'm thinking that I probably lost some passion for what I was writing about.

So I decided that I would try again. This year I made small goals for myself... and this included keeping a drawing journal. I have loved scribbling in notebooks ever since college, but I realized I never kept a notebook that solely held these little drawings of mine. So I would like to share with you my first entry of my drawing journal.   My goal is to draw at least 1 picture a week and I hope to share each and everyone one of my entries with you.

City View from Millenium Park - Chicago, IL
Medium: Lined paper, black felt tip marker, red liquid ink

This drawing was inspired by my Chicago trip, where I visited my old college roommates last November. Chicago is such a beautiful city, but it is also extremely cold there!! So glad I was able to experience Chicago with such good friends.

 I Would Be Sad - Avett Brothers


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