DIY Recipe: How to Make Sushi Rolls

This Valentine's Day we decided to make sushi and watch Wedding Crashers. Although we are not expert sushi makers it was a lot of fun to make together and eat the results of our clueless hard work.The best part about making your own rolls is that you can put all your favorites in it! If you want to get an idea of how to make some spicy tuna rolls or just stare at more pictures of sushi like this one here:

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Other ingredients not shown include:

-short grain rice/sushi rice (prepare rice ahead of time and use this recipe)
-sushi rolling mat
-soy sauce (for dipping)

First step: Slice the tuna into cubes (we used yellowfin but the bluefin tasted the best and of course, was the most expensive of the two). Slice the cucumbers and avocados into long strips.

Step 2: Mix 1 TB of mayonnaise and 1 tsp of siracha together to make spicy mayo. May I suggest not using light mayo like we did. You can try Kewpie Mayo

Step 3: Then mix the tuna into the spicy mayo mixture. Add a dash of green onions and sesame seed oil for extra flavor (we left this part out).

Step 4: Get your sushi mat and spread the seasoned sushi rice on a piece of seaweed. Be careful not to use too much rice... we started doing that and got a rice overload in our rolls.

Step 5: Now for the best part! Lay out your ingredients that you would like in the roll; in this case, it was tuna mixed in spicy mayo, avocados, and cucumbers.

Step 5: Roll em up!

Step 7; Dress it up! (with some sesame seeds)

And that's how you make a spicy tuna roll!

Here are some pictures of our heart shaped spicy tuna roll making skills (you need to use molds similar to this):

And here are our pictures of us making a rainbow roll:

And here are our final products:

We purchased ~.3 lbs of each fish and as you can see it made 5 rolls...for 2 people. We made way too much! So lessons learned...I would say a TOTAL of .5 lbs of fish is good enough for 2 people. And to think...we were going to make gyozas too! 

Thank-you, M.E. for being my DIY Sushi Roll model! Has anyone ever told you that you should become a hand model?

Also, where can you buy all these ingredients? We went to Mitsuwa; they have a lot of locations in Southern California. Also, you can look here for more information on sushi grade fish. Hope you enjoy making sushi as much as we did! 

P.S. Have you seen rice cube? I saw a video display of it at a supermarket and it made some fancy smancy stuff. I was 80% close to buying it. 


  1. These Sushi Rolls looks appealing!!! As first timer doing these, you both did a great job!!!
    The shapes, colors, and smoothing are impressive. Thanks for providing the ingredients too.


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