DIY: Wall Art

I moved into a place of my own about a year ago...which at the time,  was really exciting and overwhelming all at once. Suddenly, there are a lot of expenses that you take on by yourself; because for once, you can't split the cost of everything with roommates anymore. I realized it took me awhile to start decorating my place because the initial living expenses were just getting a little too much. Don't get me wrong, I can afford my place... I was just getting a little worried about how much I was spending since it was more than what I was use to.

I really wanted to decorate my place without breaking the bank, but buying framed art can get really pricey; so I decided to make my own. I would pin ideas on Pinterest for inspiration and thought of ways to create something similar for a lot cheaper.

I bought frames from Marshall's for $14.99 and poster board paper, which was 5 for $2.99 from Michael's (I love using their coupons!!!).  So that's about $50 for 3 pieces of framed art.

I sketched them out in pencil on the poster board then used Sharpie/black ink to fill it in. For the watercolor effect, I used a dab of acrylic paint and dipped the paint brush in water before applying. And here are the results:

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  1. I knew this is what you wanted to do when you moved to your own place.
    Your creativity is the Best Work of Art!!!


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