What's your hobby?

I just finished an acrylic painting inspired by the artist Nacho Diaz. It took a LOT of time because I wanted to make it different from his and coming up with the new part did not come naturally to me. It required a lot of trial and error... and error means mixing the right colors and covering up the mistake. I always wish I had more time dedicated to painting and drawing and this was definitely a challenge that I was looking for.

 But after painting this, I felt like I wanted to continue painting but in a different medium. My friend had talked to my about buying watercolors...and at first it didn't seem so interesting to me until I watched a couple youtube videos on watercoloring. Check out these videos:

I purchased a set of KOI Watercolors and waterbrushes as well as a new pad for water coloring. I painted the palette on to a piece of paper so I could get an idea of what the colors would look like when it dries.

And here is my first watercolor:

I really enjoy the freedom of water coloring and how it doesn't take up too much of your time. I feel like in water coloring you can hardly make a mistake and if you think you did, they turn out to be great mistakes! I think water coloring will turn into a great hobby. What are your hobbies?


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