Are you into crime and mystery stories?

Because I definitely am... Jinx, Making of a Murderer, Dateline... are all shows/series I got hooked on. I first heard about Robert Avery on NPR actually... you can listen here. It is crazy how his story became so popular after the netlflix documentary of Making of a Murderer.

While driving home from work.. I was listening to NPR All Things Considered and came across a story called Missing: The Search For A Sister In China. It is about a Big Sister looking for her sister who has been missing for two years. She contacts Frank Langfitt to help her find her sister. The story is really interesting in the sense that even though this was a person you are related to and grew up with... her life was somewhat of a mystery. Take a listen if you get a chance. 

What do you think happened to Little Sister? You can find a link to the story here.


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