Happy Earth Day!

I thought this would be a fitting day to post about my new interest in PLANTS. Yes, I have become a crazy plant lady. My interest started when I saw an IG photo of my friend's new place. The furniture was very modern, clean, and simple. Usually, modern furniture can create this feeling that a home has a lack of warmth...but it didn't feel that way when I looked at her place and that is because she had plants!

I started off with a Half Moon Cactus and Aloe Vera plant from Wal-mart. I also picked up some soil and planted a garlic clove as well. My end goal at the beginning of my plant journey was to be able to grow food that I could use in cooking, but that was very intimidating for me as my radish plant is not doing too well right now and I thought I should take baby steps.

From left: Moon Cactus, Garlic Clove, Aloe Vera

I also wanted to have plants that I could decorate my place with and would be easy to take care of... so of course, I jumped on the succulent boat. I had heard from my friend that I could get very cheap succulents from the Goldenwest College Swapmeet in Huntington Beach. So I made my way over and picked up 6 succulents for 5 dollars! They had such a large variety... and the cheapest prices I've seen so far.

My New Succulents!

I was able to get some cheap pots from Daiso and I was able to fit all my succulents in them. 

I also went to Lowe's and discovered this thing called the clearance section and picked up 2 house plants, a Peace Lily and a Dieffen Bachia.

Peace Lily Plant

Dieffen Bachia

This is when I realized that I had a plant problem. It didn't help that we had green day at work and they gave succulents away!
My newest succulent!

 Still on my list is 1) to learn how to propagate succulents 2) buy a large indoor plant for my apartment, 3) learn to plant herbs.


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