DIY Kinda Fail - Do Your Research

If you have been following my blog, you are use to seeing my DIY posts..but this is a different type of DIY post because this is a DIY fail post. Let's start from the very beginning. I wanted to paint over this pot my parents gave me.

glazed pot, plant, plants

The first word that comes to mind when I see this pot is... Easter and there is nothing wrong with Easter, but I wanted a pot that didn't seem so seasonal. I was at Michael's debating for maybe an hour on what type of paint to get... mainly between some chalk paint and these Art Minds outdoor paints that I got in the end. I think what deterred me from getting the chalk paint was that it said for indoor use only. Then I was thinking that I definitely need this outdoor one! Welp, I made a wrong choice. Chalk paint doesn't need the surfaces to be sanded or primed... and for some reason I thought it would work exactly like chalk paint except it was also suitable for the outdoors. I came to this conclusion because they were right next to the chalk paint. Never assume peoples!

Art, Minds, Outdoor, Paint

So this is me putting on a coat of the black outdoor paint. So far so good... except to my dismay.. it is really shiny. I think it is because of the glaze from the pot.

Glazed, Pot, DIY, Paint

Then I got this great idea that I would layer it with chalk paint.. cause I wanted a matte look.... and that's when the paint started peeling off. I started panicking... rubbed whatever I could off the pot and repainted it with the ArtMind's paint and decorated it how I wanted to. And it looks great in the picture, but to be honest it looks like a not so great job upclose... which makes me sad. So the lessons learned is... do your research when you want to do a DIY project and never assume. I am glad that people don't inspect plant pots upclose or they would see all its flaws! 

DiY, Plant, Pot, Paint

Also, it makes me wonder how many DIY bloggers post about their failures and shortcomings on certain projects because usually you'll see these beautiful DIY projects and how it seemed so effortless. So based on this reflection, I am going to talk more about the pitfalls and failures from my own DIY projects so others can learn from my mistakes!



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