New Beginnings

raspberry, ricotta, cake, flowers, bon, appetitraspberry, ricotta, cake, bon appetit, bon, appetit

 It's been a long time since I posted. I know I keep saying I'm coming back and I hope this time it will be for reals. Something new that happened in my life includes moving to a new place and being placed in charge of decorating my cousins wedding in June. These two things have actually sparked a lot of creativity back in my life and I hope I will be able to share that with you!

Today, my friend visited my new place! I decided to bake a raspberry ricotta cake that I adopted from Bon Appetit. I added lemon zest, lemon juice and a touch of cardamom and cinnamon. It was quite delicious and easy to make!

I am also trying to figure out how to decorate my cousin's wedding with a budget of $500. I've gone through many ideas and one idea I have includes collecting beer, wine, cold brew and kombucha bottles- then delabeling them and filling them with Trader Joe's flowers. You can get really cheap flowers from there! I got 2 bouquets of Dianthus for $3.99 each.  Based on my setup I have decided I will need 16 wine-like bottles, 28 cold brew bottles, 28 beer/kombucha bottles. I can fill these with 14 bouquets from TJ's for around $56. I chose these bottles because the mouths of the bottle are small, which means I don't have to use too many flowers to make the bottle look full. 

dianthus, flowers, trader joe's, wedding, decorating, decor
Dianthus, trader joe's, flowers, bottle, wedding decorating, wedding, decor, decorations

When they first told me I had $500 to decorate a wedding, I thought it was so much money; the more I do research, I realize how little that amount goes and I am having to be clever about this! 




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