Refurbished Chair Using Chalk Paint

This first time I heard about chalk paint is when I was taking a walking break to the liquor store near work. I stopped by this cute looking shop and asked them what they sold here; we only sell Annie Sloan's chalk paint. I was so intrigued... how could you survive on just selling chalk paint? It must be SO GOOD. I thought chalk paint was the same as chalkboard paint, which I was informed was incorrect. Apparently chalk paint is popular because there is no need for sanding or priming a material before painting- usually those steps are required for paint to stick. After leaving the store, I was very intrigued by the idea of using chalk paint for these wooden chairs I have at home.

Chair, Wood, Refurbish

My first idea was to use chalk paint for the white parts and then sand the wood colored area to restain it. Welp after much wasted time... I realized 1. Sanding isn't fun 2. I'm not good at staining (took me 2 tries to learn that). Below is a picture of the chalk paint for the white part of the chair and my bad staining job. 

sanded, stained, chair, chalk, paint


So I gave up with my staining job and decided to paint over it. 

Chalk paint, martha stewart, vintage, paint

Then I realized it looked too boring, so I went with another color and I love how the end result turned out. Now, even though you don't need to prime.. I do recommend you use a wax after. It creates a smooth instead of chalky finish and protects the paint.

martha,stewart, chalk, vintage, decor, paint, artminds, smoked peark, smoke

martha, stewart, artminds, smoke, smoked pearl, paint, chalk, vintage, decor

I used Martha Stewart Vntage Decor Paint in Smoke and Vintage Decor Clear Wax as well as Art Minds Chalk Paint in Smoked Pearl. It was pretty simple to use; apply 1-2 coats of chalk paint and let it dry for the appropriate amount of time; followed by 1-2 coats of wax. An 8 fl oz of Martha Stewart Paint goes for $10.99 at Michaels- don't forget to use those coupons! I believe an 8 fl oz ArtMinds Chalk Paint was around $6.99.




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