Bracelet Trend? Kanye West approves and so do a bunch of other men.

I have been and will be busy with phone interviews, turning in apps, and ebaying lately.. but I guess it is better than not being busy at all! While procrastinating, I saw this article on the NY Times Fashion and Style Section entitled Brothers at the Wrist. The article claims that after Kanye's performance at last years Coachella music festival, fashion and music blogs referred to these bohemian wrist tangles as "Kanye Bracelets."

As a result, there has been a surge of sales in these types of bracelets. I was totally unaware that they have been deemed as so and I first noticed a bracelet trend among DIY blogs like Honestly WTF, but more about stacking different types of bracelets (not solely "bohemian wrist tangles"/ "kanye bracelets"), which inspired me to create my own DIY bracelet.

I had no idea that this bracelet trend had become/has been popular among men. According to the article, there are sightings of Milanese men in business suits wearing them and if I understand correctly, some wear it as a way of nonconforming, while conforming all at the same time? Hmmm...interesting. Very, very interesting. I assume some people just like wearing it just because too (and not because Kanye West thought it was the cool thing to do).


  1. I really like the trend! Adds something special to an outfit :)

  2. Some people have underrated this trend but especially now some men already wear bracelet, even my brother is wearing one all the time :)

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  4. ha! So glad to see that Kanye approves of one of my favorite trends... ;)

  5. I've ALWAYS loved bracelets on men. It's interesting Kanye is getting props for starting it. Johnny Depp and Colin Farrel have been wearing those for years!


    1. Me too, Shelly! That is why I was surprised when I read that article in NY Times. According to them, he upped sales for these types of bracelets on EBAY...but I dunno how they could really prove any of that.... unless the title for the item was Kanye Bracelets.

  6. i, too, have always loved bracelets on men...

    cindy | design3rd

  7. I'm such a huge bracelet fan! I loooove bracelets on men too. Sexy!

  8. Interesting...I had no idea either. It's funny, I remember these bracelets being popular when I was a kid in the 90s. Everyone was making them for a while and now they're back. Great blog!

  9. Hmm -interesting !

    I don't think I'm a fan of these much especially on men !

    I use to wear similar ones when I was a teenager ..

    Great post


  10. I like them on guys!! Not a ton. But just one or two. :)

    Julie xx
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  11. I just found your blog sweety. You have such a great sense of style.
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