My Version of Mango Lassi

Guys, I gained weight about a month ago... probably around 6-8 pounds. I started exercising, but felt very discouraged after I started gaining even more weight. My pants were so uncomfortable when I would sit that I would need to unbutton them. Usually, I am not a dieter or someone who would pay for memberships at expensive exercise joints...but when I realized that it would cost more for me to buy a bunch of new clothes (work pants, jeans, skirts, shorts) I decided to change the way I eat and exercise. This included counting calories (tear*) and exercising so I could eat and not starve myself. I started going back to spin, yoga, including runing/walking like I usually did when I first realized I gain a bunch of weight, but didn't see results at first. So I got a groupon for Bar Method and it gave me an unlimited month of classes. I attended twice a week and those classes kicked my butt.

 After a month of going to Bar Method twice a week (as well as including spinning, yoga, running/walking in my workouts) and eating better, I started to see a great difference. I didn't have a six pack, but my arms and abs looked a lot more toned than it use to be. Eating wise.. I maintained around a 1200 calorie diet (with exercising I ate around 1600 calories) using MyFitnessPal. This does not mean I starved myself.. except that one time I decided to eat ice cream for dinner! Wahh...never again. I've had Korean BBQ, but instead of eating it with rice...I went for a salad. So it's not about depriving yourself, but making better choices. So far I am down 5 lbs. I am definitely motivated! I've bought another groupon for Barre Releve and am thinking about getting a yoga one.

I have digressed too much, but I wanted to share with you a new smoothie recipe I discovered and actually enjoy. It is about 245 calories and pretty filling. It has probitotics in it, which is good for the tummy. If you like yogurty tasting drinks..(without the thickness of it) this will be the drink for you.

M A N G O   L A S S I    S M O O T H I E
Serving: 1 Time: 5 minutes or less


10-11 pieces of frozen mango
1/3 C of lowfat 1% Plain Kefir Unsweetened
1/2 C of 2% milk
1 TB or less of agave (put this last and to your preference)
1 tsp of cinnamon
1 tsp of vanilla extract

1. Place all the ingredient except the agave in a blender and blend until smooth
2. Add agave to your taste preference. If you like it just the way it is, then even better (less calories and less sugar in your body!)

smoothie, kefir, mango, lassi

This has been my go to smoothie lately... you can experiment with adding different fruits, but I have been craving mango as of late. They have flavored Kefir which I was advised not to buy because of the amount of sugar added to it. And if you are wondering what kefir is... read here. I buy mine at Trader Joe's. If you try it, I hope you enjoy it as much as me!


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