New Painting

I've been creating a lot since I've moved into my new place. So many empty walls and spaces makes me want to fill them. I created this painting on a canvas and using a mix of acrylic and spray paint. The base is grey and gold acrylic paint and it was spray painted over with rose gold spray paint; it felt like it was missing something.. and I got very frustrated. I didn't know what to do.. so I grabbed a bottle of black paint and squeezed it out in no systemic way whatsoever.  I wonder if abstract/modern artists, like Pollock, felt the way I felt when painting this- was he frustrated during most of his paintings? or was his paintings systematic? Anyways, every time I look at this painting it makes me laugh because I just replay how I felt at the moment of creating it... and it was not systematic in any way shape or form- but somehow, it didn't turn out too bad.

DIY, painting, modern, art


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